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The Society of Lake Dwelling Archeology

The Society for Lake Dwelling Archeology and Regional Ethnology was founded in 1922, and operates since than the private Lake Dwelling Museum, which with about 300,000 visitors per year and more than 100,000 students and young people, ranks among the largest open air museums in Europe. The Society counts currently about 600 members from all over the world. It supports, as per its constitution, the study of prehistory in the Lake Constance area, in particular the archaeology of lake dwellings. With its museum, and as non-profit and scientifically recognized association, it serves a broad public emphasizing the conveyance of archaeological contents.

The membership promotes the preservation and the development of this unique museum. With your membership, you will thus support us in pursuing our goals. Members have free entrance into the museum as well as receiving certain publications for free, such as the association and museum journal "Plattform". Museum events and an annual meeting inform the members about the current level of development of their museum, and the historical research, which covers the regional and lake dwelling history to the present.

The Society also features a Kids Club. Children up to the age of 16 can join as members free of charge, if at least one parent is a member of the Lake Dwelling Society. We explore the Museum, Lake Constance, its history, and meet regularly at the Lake Dwellings.

You can print the membership form and submit the completed signed form to the Society at the fax number +49 (0) 7556 5886, or mail it to (Pfahlbaumuseum, Strandpromenade 6, D-88690 Uhldingen-Mühlhofen).

You may also submit the membership form via .

The Board of the Museum Society 2007

Chairman: Uwe Jabs
Vice Chairman: Jochen Haaga
Scientific Director:  Dr. Gunter Schöbel
Secretary: Dieter Ecker
Treasurer: Gerhard Köpple
Owners: Rudolf Dimmeler
  Elmar Heberle
  Elisabeth Rupp
  Gabriele Schmidt

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