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Since their founding in the year 1922, the Lake Dwellings at Unteruhldingen are not only a popular destination when making excursions to Lake Constance, but above all they are an exceptional learning place for prehistory outside of the classroom. The nationally recognized purpose of the Society exists in the current communication of historical content regarding lake, pile or pole dwellings and the regional history/ethnology by means of an open air museum. The research institute affiliated with the Lake Dwelling Museum, provides the scientific and pedagogic foundations.

Our Educational Program:

Tours: In a 45 minute tour, essential components of the formation and development of the Lake Constance landscape are conveyed based on the latest research results of lake dwelling archeology. The presentation is easily comprehinsible and adjusts to the age level of the respective student group.

In a Special Topics Tour (duration approx. one hour) sub-areas such as Stone Age technology, environment, economy, fire making or also interdisciplinary approaches, can be adjusted to complement a specific curriculum.

  • Introduction about the Stone and Bronze Age
  • Reconstruction of the history at the Lake Constance region 10 000-600 B.C.
  • Basic knowledge within the context of a guided tour is conveyed at the open air museum by specially trained museum staff.
  • Reconstructed objects and artifacts may be touched and handled by the students, and their meaning and use during the days of the lake dwellers is demonstrated and techniques are explained.

Student project: "Life in the Stone Age" or "Life in the Bronze Age"
(duration approx. three hours)

  • Introduction during a guided tour with emphasis on the Stone Age and/or Bronze Age, landscape history, man and environment, economy and trade, and history of lake-dwelling archeology.
  • Hands-on project including the production of tools and equipment during the Stone Age. These are workshops that focus on three to four selected areas of crafts and tool making: knifes, clap sticks, fishing nets, combs, beads or cords (Stone Age), jewelry pins, fishing rods with hooks, fire making, and bone tools.
The events are accompanied by well-trained museum staff and educators of neighboring schools.

Dates and cost: The Lake Dwelling Student Projects as PDF for download.

Registration: Online-Registration or registration by telephone at +49 (0) 7556 8543.

Our tips:

In order to prepare for the visit at the Lake Dwellings or to deepen the knowledge gained during the visit, information can be found at the State Departments of Education websites, the media website, and our website On these sites, you will find the most essential questions and answers. Additionally, an Educator’s Handbook, Museum literature or the history of the museum are available in the Museum Shop. Whether you are just spending a vacation at Lake Constance, staying in a school summer camp, or out for a one-day excursion, we offers exciting programs and activities.

Combine your visit with a hike to Birnau, the Affenberg or to Meersburg. We recommend an informative walk along the Time Trail through 10 000 years of regional history in and around Unteruhldinen. A favorite is the open lake pool with a large lawn for sunbathing, playground for kids, ping-pong/table tennis, and a beach volleyball field. Admission to the pool is free. The lake pool is to buoyed out and has a flat running shoreline.

Student tickets are available for the train, bus, and ferryboat as well as for the subsequent trip to the Island Mainau or to the City of Konstanz.

The walk from the train station Uhldingen-Mühlhofen is about 30 minutes, from the ferry in Meersburg it is about one hour. During the summer, there is a daily connection by ship from Switzerland to Unteruhldingen. Ferries and boats are crossing the lake several times during the day from Konstanz, Meersburg and Überlingen. All other places at Lake Constance can easily be reached by boat or ferry, train, or bus within the same day. Additional information is available under Directions.

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