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2007: Pfahlbaumuseum Unteruhldingen

One of Europe's first open-air museums, the reconstructed Stone and Bronze Age lake dwellings on Lake Constance (4000 to 850 BC), erected between 1922 and 2007, were based on extensive excavations carried out in the area. With uncanny attention to detail and a passion for the past, the Pfahlbaumuseum in Unteruhldingen evokes the daily life, religion and crafts of that time.
Surrounded by reeds and affording uninterrupted views over the lake, the serene location emphasises the experience. A tour of the museum takes a peek behind the doors of 20 beautiful stilt houses, built from organic materials such as wood, clay and straw. Informative, German-speaking guides explain the history and function of the buildings, pausing at the carpenter's house, potter's house, fisherman's house, weaver's house and stone mason's house.
Starting in the Stone Age and moving gradually into the Bronze Age, visitors discover tricks of the trade from how to build an axe and bore holes with elderberry wood to starting a fire by hitting flintstone against pyrite and using stinging nettles as a source of fibre in weaving. The hands-on tour allows visitors to touch the materials and test out the processes involved in manipulating them.
In the Bronze Age village, the quintessential log houses showcase bronze tools such as sickles and daggers. A highlight is the Chief's House, with its rich display of jewellery, clothes and ornate vessels. For those that want to refresh their knowledge, the new Haus der Fragen answers the 50 most important questions about the Pfahlbauten dwellings. A stop at the cinema and museum rounds out a visit to this unique site.

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