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Info for families


The Open Air Museum Lake Dwellings is family and child oriented. It has been the highlight at Lake Constance since its beginnings. At events and during special activity programs, our guides and other staff address especially the young audience. Authentically reconstructed objects and replicas, as they had been existing thousands of years ago can be touched and handled by the young visitors.

Texts and exhibit materials are organized in an easily comprehensible way. Illustrations, models, and enactments of the lake dwellers’ daily activities, allow for an understanding of the facts also without written descriptions and explanations. Of course, brochures with in depth information as well as info boards are available for the interested visitor.

All paths within the lake dwelling facilities are accessible by baby carriages. Restrooms, relaxation areas, and baby-rooms are also available.

During school vacation times, the Museum offers special vacation programs and activities. Read more under Events. The continuously changing program includes excavation in the sandbox, throwing spears, paddling a dugout canoe, making a fire like the lake dwellers did, and much more. Additionally, the Lake Dwelling Cinema offers films and viewings for the young audience at the end of each guided tour.

In the immediate vicinity of the Museum, kiosks of local fishermen, ice cafés, tourist taverns, restaurants, and hotels offer snacks, meals, and comfort for visitors and travelers. You will find additional information in our Gastronomy Guide.

The yacht harbor with boat rental is close by. Side by side with the lake dwellings is the open lake pool with a large lawn for sunbathing, playground for kids, ping-pong/table tennis, and beach volleyball field. Entrance to the pool is free. You may also visit the Reptile House at the parking facilities at the end of the village.

For bicycle riders we have provided sufficient bicycle stands at the areaway, and lockers to store gear at the entrance of the Museum.

Walking tours to the north, along the oldest protected area at Lake Constance, past the dreamy Seefelden with its church of Roman origin, up to the baroque church Birnau, and perhaps also along the Praelatenweg with its rich tradition, up to Affenberg (Ape Mountain) or the castle Schloss Salem, are a one-of-kind nature and culture experience. We recommend the quiet forest trails in the direction of Meersburg which offer a view to the Mainau.

There are also well mapped out trails to Oberuhlidingen or Muehlhofen along the Seefeld Aach, the “Linz”, which gave its name to the region and the landscape on the north bank of the lake.

Our tip:

If you like it a bit more quiet, you can tour the Museum already in the early morning hours or late in the afternoon. Our opening times between Aril and September are 9.00 am to 7.00 pm, the last guided tour starts at 6.30 pm.

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